Why Utilising CAEMS

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Why Caems

To realize and secure these benefits and many more, it is important to consider introducing together with CAEMS the key success factors as identified below:

  • CAEMS will introduce (improved) flexibility in your M&S processes whilst working simultaneously with your team and training them at the same time, set goals and results, hands on & winners mentality.
  • CAEMS brings in more then 35 years of proven experience in M&S with open B2B sales and tendering processes.
  • With our increasing network and our know-how we can find parts faster and realise better economic conditions with part supplier.
  • CAEMS has extensive knowledge of and experience in International Marketing & Sales in Rail and Aviation.
  • CAEMS provides you with an entrance to a large network of experience and expertise and knows what it takes to become and remain successful.
  • Representing world class US companies, we provide the best products and Services for any type of Yard against very competitive economic conditions.
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Our commitment

We will remain committed to advising and assisting you to realise your goals and stimulate your Marketing & Sales to become an effective and sustained revenue earner.

How does this commitment operate?
We will act according to the following underlying principles:

  • Together we agree upon basic ideas and concepts.
  • Together we set the targets and objectives.
  • We do what we agree.
  • We want to succeed.
  • We stimulate your Marketing & Sales.
  • Your success is our success.
  • No results, no pay without success.

We do what we promise and promise what we do