Market trends in rail

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The primary drivers of change are:

  • Liberalisation.
  • Growing economy.
  • Increasing competition, new entrances.
  • "Open" European Tender procedures.
  • Environmental ruling drives and alter business decisions.
  • Politic and public pressure to start seriously with the Model shift from road to Rail Transportation.
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National politics

  • Pressure on governments to bring forward rail investments.
  • Push for a competitive market, whilst steering a careful and measured course through protective habits and resistance to change.
  • Slow but gradual implementation of ERTMS.
  • Political pressure to reduce CO2 and NOx emissions. As a result large investments are needed by both Government and companies.
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What we see occuring in the market

  • Mature principles and established values are no longer the optimum benchmark to success.
  • Tender practices (i.e. European Tendering) are being won by companies who firstly, have nurtured a good relationship in the pre-tender phase to understand their needs. Secondly, have a highly dedicated and sharp Tender team to maximise the Tender score.
  • Many companies have the right product providing the customer with outstanding results against the right price. Hence, new USP's are necessary to make a difference.