Certification Support

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Dealing with certification of your rolling stock can be a daunting task and sometimes resulting in a frustrating and complicated process like a chess game. At the moment that you are facing a certification process and are doubting whether your organisation is up to this complicated process, let Caems assist you.

We have extensive experience how to deal with these processes, we have been providing our certification assistance to leasing companies,  operators, workshops and the entire OEM industry.

Caems will help you to achieve flawless results, considering the most cost effective method, hand in hand with timely delivery.

Caems will take care that the troublesome task of communicating with the NoBo or DeBo and take control  to prevent that neither the NoBo, or DeBo is going to be on your back during the entire process. This will allow you to focus on your operations and other important tasks.

Our certification Know-How has been developed during many years and various projects across Europe, dealing in a pragmatic way with Cross acceptance, TSI’s, National Regulations, CSM files and European Norms and Standards.

As a result, we managed to build and maintain excellent relationships with many National NSA’s.

We offer:

  • Certification support for the admittance of new rolling stock (specialized in DE locomotives).
  • Certification support for modernising/retrofit projects.
  • Constitute of CSM files and safety cases.
  • Mitigation of Hazards and risks.
  • Constitute of technical files.
  • Integration of ATP systems e.g. Indusi/PZB, ATB, SHP, Memor, TBL1+, ETCS.