Trackside Services, inc.

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Since 1996 Trackside Services, Inc. has developed, patented and provided products in response to the railroads’ changing needs and requirements. Our extensive line of braking equipment has utilized throughout the railroad industry. Examples include automated classification yards, flat yards and departure track applications. Trackside Services is the leading supplier of intrack braking and railcar energy management systems in all CLASS I rail yards in North America as well as many short lines.

SR-2000 Operable Skateretarder

The SR-2000 is key to increasing productivity by eliminating manual labor and human error in the railroad yard. Its fail-safe design is a viable braking and holding system even without electricity or hydraulics.

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  • All components are located above the top of tie allowing for easy maintenance while avoiding debris and ice disabling
  • Alleviates safety concerns with all equipment located in gauge
  • Adjustment of friction shoes can be accomplished by one employee, 10 minutes per track vs. competing units that require two employees, 4 hours per track
  • Eliminates need for setting hand brakes
  • Eliminates the risk of not releasing brakes and taking the car out of service
  • Bearing and slides are greaseless and maintenance free
  • Hydraulic control box utilizes any power voltage
  • Solid metal top tie plate maintains machine function and rail gauge long after tie degradation begins
  • Reliable operation to -25 degrees F
  • 42”, 56.5” and broad gauge

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