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CAEMS is all about effective Marketing & Sales, we practice hands on, realistic, enjoyable and committed ways of working together and doing business.

Over the years we have build our technical know-how to great length and experienced the customers need for effective and hands-on advise and assistance.  As a result we currently also offer obsolescence management, and infrastructure solutions.

We do not just provide you with an advisory service, but we will underpin our relationship with our reputation and standing, our experience and highly professional approach.. So we share both the risks and success with our clients. If we are successful then our client is also and we both reap the reward.

  • CAEMS enjoys a great network in the Rail and Aviation Industry which can be utilised to advantage by clients of CAEMS to assist them in enlarging their market-share and sales volumes.
  • CAEMS offers not only hands-on prospecting and sales assistance, but also marketing services, such as the conducting of Market Survey’s, SWOT Analysis, product strategy and management. Furthermore interim management, on the job training of Marketing & Sales departments and consultancy are also services provided by CAEMS
  • CAEMS can also operate as a representative, agent or as a distributor for its clients in their market.