Infrastructure yard solutions

Are you owning and/or using a Classification Yard, Stabling Yard or a Terminal Yard and want to optimise your operation and output?  There are several possibilities, you could choose to refurbish or, add new tracks or, design & build a new Yard.

Do you have a Hump Yard with low utilisation, did you ever consider a Flat classification Yard with a mini hump, a Semi Flat Classification Yard?

Whatever type of Yard you own and/or using, we at Caems have the solution to make your Yard work for you in the best possible way, creating enhanced output per track and, higher safety and the best working circumstances for your personnel and, lower Operating Cost and Owner Cost all resulting in the Lowest Life Cycle Cost and, enhancing your Profit.

How do we enable you to get these result?  Through the products and services from the US companies we represent, Advanced Rail System (ARS) for the best switch machines available in the market and, Trackside Services Inc. (TSI) for sturdy and most economic Retarders and Skate Retarders and, TrainYard Tech (TYT) for the most efficient, user friendly software and system hardware to operate your Yard.

We make available for Europe the best products & Services available in the market, either with the delivery of a product & service delivery or arranging and deliver with installation and if you prefer a Service Level Agreement.

We will support you to enable you to optimise your operation and achieving your goals.

We do what we promise and promise what we do